Thank you for visiting Workers Compensation Southern California.

We are excited to announce our legal services, and locations have expanded through a merger with Michael Burgis & Associates P.C.

Michael Burgis and his team of trial attorneys share our love for pursuing justice for those seeking advocacy with their Workers' Compensation claims. However, joining forces with Michael Burgis expands our ability to also represent those looking for justice with their Labor, Employment, and Personal Injury Law matters. If that were not enough, it is now more convenient for current clients and future clients to visit us more easily, thanks to Michael Burgis and Associate's offices in the Greater Los Angeles and San Bernardino areas. This collaboration has enabled us to continue to grow our influence and give a voice to the voiceless.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community in their times of need. Our mission mirrors that of Michael Burgis and Associates in seeking Recovery for the Injured.